Facilitator Peer Group

a woman standing before a flipchartLed by Group Members

The Facilitation Peer Group is a professional and personal skill development series for graduates of the Strengthening Your Facilitation Skills Level 1 in Maine and New Hampshire. These opportunities are designed and implemented in cooperation with UNH Cooperative Extension and with the participants of the peer group.

Learning from Each Other

The primary purpose for the Peer Group is to provide Level 1 graduates with on-going education and training opportunities that encourage peer-to-peer learning, engaging participants as teachers AND students. The group also promotes practicing facilitation in a supportive environment, sharing ideas and challenges with other facilitators, volunteering as community-based facilitators, and building network connections with other facilitators.

Working Together In-person and Virtually

The Peer Group meets in-person roughly twice a year in locations around New Hampshire and Maine, as selected by the group members. Virtual gatherings are also held several times per year as a way to forge connections between group members who may live/work in opposite corners of the region.