Facilitation Skills Training

two women, one with a microphone, standing among flipchartsCustomized Facilitation Training designed with you to meet your group’s needs

Facilitating groups successfully is a field of study as well as a skill set that requires dedicated training and practice. Whether your group has identified the need to increase awareness of key concepts and practice basic skills, or seeks to hone advanced skills in addressing difficult group situations, a training can be designed and delivered to help you meet your goals.

Depending on the needs, interests, and availability of your group, instructor Kristen Grant is available to work with you to develop training in formats ranging from a few hours to multiple days.

Aligned Missions

As a program of Maine Sea Grant and University of Maine Cooperative Extension, these services are offered to organizations whose missions align with that of our own, as determined by Kristen Grant and the organization’s representative.

Minimum Number

A minimum of 12 participants are needed for any customized training.


The standard rate for customized training design and delivery is $125. Sliding scale available as appropriate.


Email Kristen Grant for more information

a woman standing before a flipchartFacilitation Peer Group

Led by Group Members

The Facilitation Peer Group is a professional and personal skill development series for graduates of the Strengthening Your Facilitation Skills Level 1 in Maine and New Hampshire. These opportunities are designed and implemented in cooperation with UNH Cooperative Extension and with the participants of the peer group.

Learning from Each Other

The primary purpose for the Peer Group is to provide Level 1 graduates with on-going education and training opportunities that encourage peer-to-peer learning, engaging participants as teachers AND students. The group also promotes practicing facilitation in a supportive environment, sharing ideas and challenges with other facilitators, volunteering as community-based facilitators, and building network connections with other facilitators.

Working Together In-person and Virtually

The Peer Group meets in-person roughly twice a year in locations around New Hampshire and Maine, as selected by the group members. Virtual gatherings are also held several times per year as a way to forge connections between group members who may live/work in opposite corners of the region.

several people standing around flipchartsCommunity Facilitator Services

Graduates of Facilitation Training

Graduates of Strengthening Your Facilitation Skills Level 1 training are available to offer facilitation services to assist local government, nonprofit, and community groups working in your area.

Skilled Volunteers

Community Facilitators are volunteers interested in offering support to help groups achieve their goals. Community Facilitators have completed 20 hours of training with instructor Kristen Grant and have developed skills including:

  • assessing group needs and goal setting
  • establishing agreements for working together
  • designing effective meetings
  • generating and narrowing ideas
  • using a variety of decision-making options
  • planning actions
  • addressing disruptive behaviors
  • intervening in difficult group situations

Contact Kristen Grant for more information.