Undergraduate Students Gain Experience though Sea-run Fish Internship

This summer, five undergraduate students are gaining experience in sea-run fish research and management as participants in Maine Sea Grant and NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center’s Undergraduate Internships in Diadromous Ecosystem Research Program

Maine Sea Grant is hiring a Fiscal Officer & Grants Manager

This position involves management of Maine Sea Grant’s awards from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Sea Grant Program, along with additional grant competitions administered by and through Maine Sea Grant.

Friends Group Researches Water Quality to Protect Taunton Bay

Partially funded by Maine Sea Grant, the Friends of Taunton Bay (FTB) created a comprehensive water quality management program developed to protect Taunton Bay’s estuarine environment

An Educator's Exchange Trip of a Lifetime

Keri Kaczor shares her experience serving as our program’s liaison to the Sea Grant Educators Network

Navigating Offshore Wind in the Gulf of Maine

Graduate student Rachel Hale speaks about the future of offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine through her blog, Navigating Offshore Wind in the Gulf of Maine

Three Maine Sea Grant Fellows Receive Knauss Placements

Maine Sea Grant Fellows, Gabrielle (Gabby) Hillyer, Aubrey Jane, and Emily Nocito, began their executive placements this month, February 2024

Congratulations to our 2023 Maine Sea Grant Knauss Fellows

Maine Sea Grant is excited to congratulate Ajani Bakari and Logan Kline, who recently completed the prestigious 2023 John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship Program sponsored by the NOAA National Sea Grant College Program

Working Together to Reduce Single-Use Plastic Packaging Waste at the Source

Maine Sea Grant Associate Director, Beth Bisson, discusses marine debris in Maine and the actions being taken to defend against it

Challenges and Opportunities for Social and Economic Science in the American Lobster Fishery

Kat Maltby, Kanae Tokunaga, Alexa Dayton, Theresa Burnham, and Jay Kim reflect on undertaking a range of projects to further their knowledge of the lobster fishery

New Resource for Climate Adaptation in Maine

The "Maine Community Resilience Workbook" is a new resource designed to support communities in Maine in adapting to and building resilience against climate change

Sea Grant announces the 2024 John A. Kanuss Marine Policy Fellows

Congratulations to three Maine graduates, Gabrielle Hillyer, Aubrey Jane, and Emily Nocito, who were selected to be Knauss Fellows in 2024

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Maine Sea Grant is a federal-state partnership program based at the University of Maine and one of 34 NOAA Sea Grant programs throughout the coastal and Great Lakes states. We receive funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which is matched by the state of Maine and other non-federal sources. Since 1971, we have promoted science and education for the sustainable development, management, and stewardship of Maine’s marine and coastal resources. We continue this mission today by supporting marine and coastal research, education, and outreach via a marine extension team with individuals located in coastal communities from Wells to Eastport.

Maine Sea Grant’s work across Maine, from the Piscataqua River to Passamaquoddy Bay, is carried out on the lands and waters of the Wabanaki people. We thank the Wabanaki, people of the Dawn Land, for their stewardship and continued strength and resilience in protecting it. We support all efforts for healing and protecting the land and water we share.