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Reporting from the Gulf Coast

by Catherine Schmitt A few months ago I wrote a story (with Heather Deese) about potential effects of the Deepwater Horizon disaster on the Gulf of Maine. One of the reasons why I wrote this story was to remind people that the seas and gulfs of the world are one big ocean. That’s why Earth […]

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Hyper-local Sushi

by Catherine Schmitt Rockland, ME: After a round of mojitos and Pemaquid oysters on the deck of The Pearl, we headed for an early dinner at Suzuki’s Sushi Restaurant. The owner, Keiko Suzuki, is a woman who knows where her fish comes from. The servers will tell you, for example, that the mackerel special is from […]

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Salarius: a Maine Sea Grant blog about seafood, science, and the sea.

by Catherine Schmitt Salarius means “of salt” in Latin. This is a blog about things that are of salt: Maine seafood, science, and the sea. Because salt once constituted a form of currency, Salarius also refers to salt money, an allowance, pay. The ocean pays back, sustains us; it provides food, oxygen, and a livelihood […]

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