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Single Sabine's gull floating on the water

Shorebirds of Passamaquoddy Bay

Chris Bartlett is a member of the Maine Sea Grant extension team.  Maine hosts several festivals each spring to celebrate the return of migrating birds that nest in northern areas of the continent. Ecotourism efforts focused on bird watching have been growing in the United States, contributing up to $41 billion to the US economy […]

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person in a Sea Grant hat with a coastal background

Reflection from a Program Advisory Committee member

Contributor: Jay McCreight served as a member of the Maine Sea Grant Program Advisory Committee from 2019 to 2022. I first became familiar with Maine Sea Grant as a member of the state legislature’s Marine Resources Committee. At the time, I had just been elected to represent House District 51, which includes Harpswell, Bath, and […]

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Krissa Davis smiles for the camera with a body of water in the background.

UMaine Graduate student completes Maine Sea Grant-Native American Programs Collaborative Research Assistantship

Krissa Davis recently completed a Maine Sea Grant-Native American Programs Collaborative Research Assistantship. The assistantship was designed to build research collaborations with Maine Sea Grant and the Wabanaki Tribal Nations in what is now Maine and help train the next generation of transdisciplinary researchers with expertise in stakeholder engagement and interdisciplinary research. Krissa played an […]

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Brian Will smiles for the camera with water in the background

Building aquaculture systems in Maine’s classrooms

Contributor: Brian Will is a Maine Sea Grant 2022-23 undergraduate intern. He has been working with Maine Sea Grant’s Keri Kaczor and Jaclyn Robidoux to support the Aquaculture me! program. The aquaculture industry in Maine has been increasingly supporting coastal communities over the past 50 years. It provides a sustainable livelihood and supports resilient working […]

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Rockweed press by John Ewen

Seaweed inspires art: Q&A with John Ewen

Maine Sea Grant worked in collaboration with Maine-based artist John Ewen, who created 12 pieces of art highlighting seaweeds common to Maine’s coastal waters. Throughout the next year, Maine Sea Grant will feature one seaweed a month via social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Communications Specialist Aimee Whitman connected with artist Ewen to learn more […]

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Two people (Lauri Leach and her mentor) pose in front of the Capitol building.

Career Paths and Knauss: How the Knauss Fellowship shaped my career

Contributor: Lauri Leach, University of Maine graduate supported by Maine Sea Grant and former Knauss Fellow A friend and I were recently discussing career paths, and she said that when it comes to careers, people can either be eagles or moles. Eagles, with their keen eyesight, can see what they want, even if it’s far […]

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Food service workers preparing Maine seafood in a kitchen.

Monkfish on the Menu

Contributor: Keri Kaczor, Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development Program Manager, Maine Sea Grant School food service directors and kitchen managers gathered at the Maine Department of Education’s (DOE) Culinary Classroom in Augusta, Maine. At the head of the classroom, Chef Rob Dumas demonstrated how to safely handle and store fish, how to portion a monkfish […]

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a city harbor

National Conference puts the spotlight on Working Waterfronts

Contributor: Natalie Springuel, Marine Extension Program Leader The sea breeze is keeping us cool this unusually hot day on the waters of Boston Harbor. We have left the Islands behind, including the gigantic egg-shaped sewage treatment towers on Long Island, and the recreational boats zooming to and fro. Our tour boat enters the inner reaches […]

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small post larval lobsters on a screen

Tales from a Technician: Maine’s Largest Offshore Larval Lobster Survey

Author: Ruby Dener is a marine research technician working with Maine’s Department of Marine Resources on a research project supported through the National Sea Grant American Lobster Initiative. As you dig into a lobster roll, drench a tail in butter, or pick some sweet claw meat, do you ever wonder how that lobster grew to […]

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many lobsters with banded claws

On the Map: Local Seafood in Rhode Island

Author: Abbey Greene is a graduate student at the University of Rhode Island and the 2021 Rhode Island Sea Grant Fellow based at the Coastal Resources Center. She has been working with Azure Cygler on an extension project supported through the National Sea Grant American Lobster Initiative. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant challenges for […]

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