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Two people (Lauri Leach and her mentor) pose in front of the Capitol building.

Career Paths and Knauss: How the Knauss Fellowship shaped my career

Contributor: Lauri Leach, University of Maine graduate supported by Maine Sea Grant and former Knauss Fellow A friend and I were recently discussing career paths, and she said that when it comes to careers, people can either be eagles or moles. Eagles, with their keen eyesight, can see what they want, even if it’s far […]

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Food service workers preparing Maine seafood in a kitchen.

Monkfish on the Menu

Contributor: Keri Kaczor, Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development Program Manager, Maine Sea Grant School food service directors and kitchen managers gathered at the Maine Department of Education’s (DOE) Culinary Classroom in Augusta, Maine. At the head of the classroom, Chef Rob Dumas demonstrated how to safely handle and store fish, how to portion a monkfish […]

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a city harbor

National Conference puts the spotlight on Working Waterfronts

Contributor: Natalie Springuel, Marine Extension Program Leader The sea breeze is keeping us cool this unusually hot day on the waters of Boston Harbor. We have left the Islands behind, including the gigantic egg-shaped sewage treatment towers on Long Island, and the recreational boats zooming to and fro. Our tour boat enters the inner reaches […]

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small post larval lobsters on a screen

Tales from a Technician: Maine’s Largest Offshore Larval Lobster Survey

Author: Ruby Dener is a marine research technician working with Maine’s Department of Marine Resources on a research project supported through the National Sea Grant American Lobster Initiative. As you dig into a lobster roll, drench a tail in butter, or pick some sweet claw meat, do you ever wonder how that lobster grew to […]

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many lobsters with banded claws

On the Map: Local Seafood in Rhode Island

Author: Abbey Greene is a graduate student at the University of Rhode Island and the 2021 Rhode Island Sea Grant Fellow based at the Coastal Resources Center. She has been working with Azure Cygler on an extension project supported through the National Sea Grant American Lobster Initiative. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant challenges for […]

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A lobster larvae on a black background.

What baby lobsters eat and why it matters

Author: Evie Layland is a University of Maine graduate student working with Drs. Rick Wahle and David Fields on a research project funded through the National Sea Grant American Lobster Initiative  Living in Maine, it is clear that the American lobster is a major player in the Northwestern Atlantic. Not only is lobster one of […]

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A man and a boy, each holding a basket full of shellfish, talk to a man sitting on the bank of New Harbor. Another man stands to the left and is looking down at multiple baskets of shellfish. Photo credit Maine State Archives.

A brief history of soft-shell clam management in Maine

This text is excerpted from the recently published Maine Shellfish Handbook, which contains information on the history, management, and biology of the soft-shell clam, northern quahog, American and European oysters, and blue mussels. For millennia, Wabanaki people have used soft-shell clams for food, trade, and cultural purposes, and continue to do so today. Historian George […]

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View of a manned submersible taken underwater.

Exploring the Unknown

Contributor: Mattie Rodrigue, UMaine Graduate supported by Maine Sea Grant and former Knauss Fellow Every time a manned submersible dives off the research vessel OceanXplorer, the passengers inside are viewing something no one else on the planet has ever seen. My first submersible dive was 700 meters down a sheer granite wall in a remote […]

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Masked photo of Tessa in front of a computerized display

Finding phytoplankton and finding myself

Contributor: Tessa Rock, Maine Sea Grant Undergraduate Scholar When you wade in the ocean and let the salty water flow around you, what is running through your mind? Is your mind relaxing, are you looking for fish, or maybe you’re anxious a crab is going to pinch your toe? I bet you aren’t thinking about […]

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a basket full of shellfish, surrounded by seaweed.

Maine Sea Grant supports Maine Fishermen’s Forum through pandemic

Contributor: Natalie Springuel, Marine Extension Associate “It’s really cool to watch them grow.” That was David Wilson, a shellfish harvester and chair of the Harpswell Marine Resources Committee, talking about the quahogs that he and his fellow committee members are growing to help their town’s shellfish populations thrive. Wilson explained that they are using an […]

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