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a pile of leaflets for shell day

Shell Day

by Abigail Muscat On August 22, 2019, 57 water-quality related organizations gathered along the coast from Long Island Sound to Downeast Maine for a single-day water monitoring blitz. The question: “What is the relationship between salinity and alkalinity?” Alkalinity is the ability of water to neutralize an acid, or in other words, resist pH fluctuations. […]

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person tending aquaculture cages from a boat

NOAA Sea Grant National Aquaculture Initiative awards $1.6M to advance sustainable aquaculture in Maine 

NOAA National Sea Grant Program awarded $16 million for 42 projects nationwide that comprise the 2019 Sea Grant National Aquaculture Initiative. Maine Sea Grant, researchers at the University of Maine, other institutions, and partner organizations received $1.6 million to lead four of the projects in collaboration with aquaculture industry, management and community partners. Maine Sea Grant also […]

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illustrative still of a sandpiper video showing sandpipers

Sandpipers at High Tide

Check out the recent video shot by extension associate Chris Bartlett. Shorebirds migrate through Maine in late summer en route from their northern breeding grounds to their southern wintering areas. Chris Bartlett with Maine Sea Grant recorded these semipalmated sandpipers in Eastport while they were resting at high tide.

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scallop photo

UMaine News: Researchers use DNA in seawater to monitor scallop reproduction

Read about Skylar Bayer’s Maine Sea Grant-funded research on UMaine news: Researchers use DNA in seawater to monitor scallop reproduction The funded projects mentioned in the article are: DV-16-06 Developing a genetic toolkit to detect spawning events of giant sea scallops DV-17-12 Field testing a new genetic marker on spawning scallop populations

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people on a dock looking at clam nursery equipment

Quahog Aquaculture Effort Hosts First Training Session

With thanks to Manomet’s Ethel Wilkerson, for contributing the guest blog post below.  The project is another example of efforts along Maine’s coastline to diversify the working waterfront, and to explore ways in which the fishing and aquaculture industries can integrate. – D. Morse   On August 28th, oyster farmers from mid-coast Maine gathered in […]

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photo of a boat coming in to dock

“Where It All Starts” – A Video About Maine’s Working Waterfront

by Natalie Springuel “Where It All Starts” is a short documentary centered around working waterfronts in Maine and their socio-cultural importance in coastal communities. Produced by College of the Atlantic graduate student, Giulia Cardoso, the documentary looks at the working waterfronts of Steuben, Boothbay Harbor and Northeast Harbor through the eyes of local fishermen, while […]

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cover showing the title of the publication

Guidance to Maine Oyster Farmers On Selling Your Product In-State

For an oyster farm to be a profitable enterprise, farmers need to get the product to market. The options that are available to them — especially new farmers — can sometimes be confusing. This sheet briefly summarizes some simple ways that holders of a valid Maine Aquaculture License can get their shellfish to market. This descriptive document […]

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Maine Sea Grant logo

Job Opening: Maine Sea Grant Seeks Communications Manager

The Communications Manager will be the primary science writer for Maine Sea Grant and oversee the Maine Sea Grant communications team along with its diverse partnerships. Team oversight will include collaborative leadership and coordination of communications staff throughout the process of developing and marketing Sea Grant outreach and communications materials, and be responsible for developing […]

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