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Photo of Taunton Bay from the shore, with lobster cages on some rocks.

Friends Group Researches Water Quality to Protect Taunton Bay 

This project was partially funded with Maine Sea Grant program development funds. Maine Sea Grant supports scientific research that addresses issues of importance to Maine’s coastal communities through a biennial research competition and project development funds for seed or pilot projects. More information is available on our Funding page. Across the state of Maine, a […]

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Maine Sea Grant's Keri Kaczor and Ohio Sea Grant's Jill Bartolotta pose with Hawaii Sea Grant's Marine Extension Team Leader, Darren Okimoto, and Education Staff Gavin Iwai, Anne Rosa, Morgan Mamizuka and two seasonal educators.

An Educator’s Exchange Trip of a Lifetime

Contributed by Keri Kaczor, Maine Sea Grant’s Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development Program Manager.  As the education and workforce development lead for Maine Sea Grant, I have the honor of serving as our program’s liaison to the Sea Grant Educators Network (SGEN) that connects program educators from coastal and great lakes states. In 2023, the […]

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Three people sit around a dining room table with three vases of wildflowers in the center. On the right, a student with headphones uses a hand-held recording device to document the stories of a man in a green vest. Another student sits at the table with them, listening.

Mapping Ocean Stories

Mapping Ocean Stories: Documenting and Sharing Voices from Maine Abigail Muscat, Maine Sea Grant Intern and Natalie Springuel, Maine Sea Grant Marine Extension Program Leader Stories are important. Yarns shared in the fish house, updates swapped on the dock, or stories told at the kitchen table all help us remember who we are as a […]

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Navigating Offshore Wind in the Gulf of Maine

Author: Rachel Manuela Elsa Hale served as the Maine Offshore Wind Research Consortium Development Intern from May 2023 through October 2023, working with Maine Sea Grant staff and staff from the Maine Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) to provide support for the Maine Offshore Wind Research Consortium. Rachel continues to add capacity to our Maine Sea […]

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4 people smile for the camera with trash bags for a marine debris cleanup event. Water in the background.

Working Together to Reduce Single-Use Plastic Packaging Waste at the Source

Contributor: Beth Bisson, Associate Director, Maine Sea Grant On a beautiful Saturday morning in September, Maine Sea Grant staff and University of Maine faculty and students met at the Harpswell Town Office to pick up trash bags and data sheets to participate in a Maine Coastweek Coastal Cleanup. The annual statewide cleanups, coordinated by the […]

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Cover of the 2023 Maine Community Resilience Workbook.

New Resource for Climate Adaptation in Maine

Communities across Maine are already experiencing the impacts of climate change and are taking proactive steps to adapt and build resilience. To support these efforts, a new resource called the “Maine Community Resilience Workbook” has been developed. This workbook is intended for municipalities and service providers working on climate change-related projects.  Its concepts and resources […]

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Single Sabine's gull floating on the water

Seabirds of Passamaquoddy Bay

Chris Bartlett is a member of the Maine Sea Grant extension team.  Maine hosts several festivals each spring to celebrate the return of migrating birds that nest in northern areas of the continent. Ecotourism efforts focused on bird watching have been growing in the United States, contributing up to $41 billion to the US economy […]

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person in a Sea Grant hat with a coastal background

Reflection from a Program Advisory Committee member

Contributor: Jay McCreight served as a member of the Maine Sea Grant Program Advisory Committee from 2019 to 2022. I first became familiar with Maine Sea Grant as a member of the state legislature’s Marine Resources Committee. At the time, I had just been elected to represent House District 51, which includes Harpswell, Bath, and […]

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