Program Development

Program Development Funding Policy

Program Development proposal deadlines are 1 April and 1 October each year.

Program Development Proposal Form (.doc)

I. Background

Each year Maine Sea Grant allocates part of its budget for Program Development (PD) funds. The National Sea Grant Office allows state programs to award these funds to enhance their strategic plan goals. Typical awards are $1,000 – $5,000. Projects exceeding $5,000 should be discussed with Maine Sea Grant personnel prior to submission.  Awards are generally for small research projects and proof-of-concept with the intent of seeding an idea for later development into larger funding proposals. Other credible uses of these funds include extension, education, communications, travel, graduate student support, and workshops or conferences. Applicants must express how the proposed project will add value to Maine Sea Grant’s research, extension, education, and outreach efforts in the program’s current strategic focus areas. Program Development awards do not fund PI salaries or indirect costs. The Maine Sea Grant management team will make decisions on Program Development awards two times per year.

II. Target Allocation

These funds will be provided to projects that align with Maine Sea Grant’s strategic goals and objectives. Preference is given to projects for which Sea Grant has a vested interest and those which leverage other resources. Although these funds can be used for workshops, conference, and travel support, less than 25% of the funds will be used in that manner with preference for research, extension, and education-related projects.

III. To Apply

Interested applicants are encouraged to share their ideas with Sea Grant staff members prior to submitting a request. Applicants should submit their request using the program development proposal form template available on the Maine Sea Grant website. Principal investigators must submit a two-page resume. All application materials can be submitted electronically to the Maine Sea Grant Research Coordinator.

IV. Proposal Evaluation Criteria

A. Alignment with Maine Sea Grant strategic plan
B. Measurable impact to the State of Maine
C. Timeliness and urgency of the proposed activity
D. Potential to leverage other funds
E. Proof of concept for further development
F.  Commitment from other partners
G. Fostering relationships with other partners
H. Innovation and relevance to emerging issues

V. Timing of decisions and distributions

To ensure that funds are available throughout the year, including a reserve for responding to emergency issues, Program Development proposals are evaluated and awards granted two times per year, according to the schedule below. This timeline may be waived in emergency situations demanding rapid response.

  • April 1 – 60% of total current year PD allocation
  • October 1 – 40% of total current year PD allocation (or remainder)

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