Close-up of American lobster American Lobster Research Funding Opportunity

Logo for Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation Lobster Soundscape: Determining the dose- and range-dependent impacts of windfarm noise on stress in the American lobster

stacks of lobster traps and buoys Grappling with Gear

2 people stand on dock next to a lobster boat in the water. Challenges and Opportunities for Social and Economic Science in the American Lobster Fishery

Lobster boats in a harbor tied to the dock Socioeconomic Shifts

Table on a boat full of fish Predation and pressures: Projects from Sea Grant’s American Lobster Initiative

Banded lobster with caliper Gaining ground in growth: Projects from Sea Grant’s American Lobster Initiative

Larval lobsters in collection wells Learning about larvae and juveniles: Projects from Sea Grant’s American Lobster Initiative

Student holding a lobster in front of a tank New findings revealed on how climate change impacts lobster ecology

Female lobster with eggs being measured Research into American Lobster Reproduction

Help Wanted: Identifying key research achievements and themes for a 20-year retrospective analysis

2023 American Lobster Research Program Notice of Funding Opportunity

Image of American lobster in a bucket Sea Grant announces $1.2 million in support of 2022 American Lobster Research Program

small post larval lobsters on a screen Tales from a Technician: Maine’s Largest Offshore Larval Lobster Survey
lobster next to a pair of gloves on a worn painted wooden surface Updates from the Sea Grant American Lobster Initiative
developing lobster larvae What will a warmer, acidic ocean mean for American lobsters?
many lobsters with banded claws On the Map: Local Seafood in Rhode Island
A lobster larvae on a black background. What baby lobsters eat and why it matters
rargom logo Video recording of the “American lobster in a changing Gulf” session of the Regional Association for Research on the Gulf of Maine’s Annual Science Meeting Join New Hampshire Fish and Game Marine Biologists as the conduct Sea Grant funded surveys off New Hampshire’s coast
crop of the maine flag logo for illustrative purposes Recording of Maine DMR’s Lobster Science Session from the 2021 Maine Fishermen’s Forum
humorous illustration of a soldier riding a lobster Lobster Lore StoryMap
measuring an egg-laden female lobster Maine research institutions receive more than $660K to study the American lobster
a half dozen lobsters in an orange bucket Sea Grant announces $2 million in support of 2021 American Lobster Initiative efforts
lobster close up on head American Lobster Research Program 2021 funding opportunity now open
  What lobster babies being studied in a Hampton Roads lab can tell us about the threats of climate change
Alex Ascher holding a jar of lobster larvae On the appetites of baby lobsters
Connecticut Sea Grant logo American Lobster Research & Extension Initiative newsletter
hands holding an egg-bearing female lobster Where do lobsters come from, where do they go, and what happens when there’s a change in the status quo?
us news and world report logo Maine Scientists Get Boost for Lobster Reproduction Study
Maine Department of Marine Resources logo Marine Department of Marine Resources Receives Funding to Improve Lobster Research
lobster traps on a dock Research led by Joshua Stoll receives funding through American Lobster Initiative and the Mitchell Center
lobsters in a box, decorative Maine Sea Grant, UMaine advance national initiative to increase lobster fishery resilience
banded lobster in a plastic crate Sea Grant announces $2 million in support of 2020 American Lobster Initiative projects
A crate of lobsters is seen at Cape Porpoise, Saturday, Aug. 24, 2019, in Kennebunkport, Maine. Maine lobster industry nets $2 million for research
lobster boat in water behind stacked traps on shore UMaine’s ‘Hot Water’ study will examine lobster industry’s vulnerable areas