2023 Summit Materials

The first ALI Regional Lobster Research and Outreach Summit took place on February 6-7, 2023, in Portland, Maine. This event brought members from the research program, extension network, Regional Steering Committee, and other industry and management sectors together to share progress on ALI-funded work. It also provided an opportunity for research teams to receive feedback from […]

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Collaborative Chats – 2022

Below, please find the recordings of the third season of Maine Sea Grant’s Collaborative Chats webinar series. These webinars highlight collaborative research efforts in the lobster industry. This season features ongoing projects funded through the Sea Grant American Lobster Initiative that showcase the diversity and breadth of partners involved with the collaborative network. For more information, please […]

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Collaborative Chats – 2020

Maine Sea Grant, the Maine Department of Marine Resources, and the University of Maine’s Lobster Institute hosted a series of webinars focusing on collaborative research efforts in the lobster industry. We discussed what works and what doesn’t, and strategized on how to make collaborative research a priority. Below, please find recordings of our first season […]

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Draft regulations to protect right whales: opportunities to comment

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is currently in the process of developing new regulations to protect the North Atlantic right whale (right whale). The recent court decision in Center for Biological Diversity v. Ross, also known as the “DC Case,” requires NMFS to finalize new regulations by May 31, 2021. If NMFS does not […]

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Collaborative Chats – 2021

Below, please view recordings from the second season of webinars hosted by Maine Sea Grant, the Maine Department of Marine Resources, and the University of Maine’s Lobster Institute. These sessions focused on collaborative research efforts in the lobster industry. The second season highlighted ongoing collaborative research projects, including those funded through the Sea Grant American […]

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an out of the water lobster boat with decorative paint


Media Contact Extension Staff Maine Sea Grant College Program New Hampshire Sea Grant MIT Sea Grant College Program WHOI Sea Grant New York Sea Grant Connecticut Sea Grant Rhode Island Sea Grant Researchers 2023 Cohort  2022 Cohort 2021 Cohort 2020 Cohort 2019 Cohort Primary Contact Amalia Harrington, PhD Northeast Regional Lobster Extension Project Coordinator Maine […]

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view of a harbor with a single fishing boat


Please stay tuned for upcoming events over the spring and summer!

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A lobster boat in Tenents Harbor


  American Lobster Research Funding Opportunity Lobster Soundscape: Determining the dose- and range-dependent impacts of windfarm noise on stress in the American lobster Grappling with Gear Challenges and Opportunities for Social and Economic Science in the American Lobster Fishery Socioeconomic Shifts Predation and pressures: Projects from Sea Grant’s American Lobster […]

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Lobster next to coin, trap at sunrise, and box of lobsters


Regional Lobster Research and Outreach Summit Maine Sea Grant hosted the ALI’s second Regional Lobster Research and Outreach Summit in Portland, Maine, from February 12-13, 2024. The event brought the network together to share research updates, receive feedback from partners, and embark on new collaborative research and extension projects. Please click on the links below […]

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Research Projects

Jump to: 2022 Projects 2021 Projects 2020 Projects 2019 Projects 2023 Projects Ecological and physical processes in surface convergences, a critical microhabitat for American lobster larvae  Jesús Pineda, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Larval supply is critical to understanding American lobster population dynamics, and this supply is directly influenced by a range of biological and physical […]

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