A late stage larva that was raised at the Darling Marine Center this summer

On the appetites of baby lobsters

Author: Alex Ascher, a University of Maine graduate student working with Drs. Rick Wahle and David Fields on a research project funded through the National Sea Grant American Lobster Initiative, the NSF-funded Maine eDNA program, and Maine DMR’s Lobster Research Collaborative. When people think about lobsters, we tend to think about eating them. Who has […]

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Spruce brush placed in a 22 x 14 foot plot

Enhancing clam recruitment along the Maine coast

by Abigail Muscat View related research project: Examining the efficacy of methods to enhance soft-shell clam recruitment along the Maine coast Scientists at the Downeast Institute, led by Dr. Brian Beal, have been studying whether “brushing” is a viable option for increasing soft-shell clam populations along the Maine coast. This research aims to protect and […]

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a pile of leaflets for shell day

Shell Day

by Abigail Muscat On August 22, 2019, 57 water-quality related organizations gathered along the coast from Long Island Sound to Downeast Maine for a single-day water monitoring blitz. The question: “What is the relationship between salinity and alkalinity?” Alkalinity is the ability of water to neutralize an acid, or in other words, resist pH fluctuations. […]

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person tending aquaculture cages from a boat

NOAA Sea Grant National Aquaculture Initiative awards $1.6M to advance sustainable aquaculture in Maine 

NOAA National Sea Grant Program awarded $16 million for 42 projects nationwide that comprise the 2019 Sea Grant National Aquaculture Initiative. Maine Sea Grant, researchers at the University of Maine, other institutions, and partner organizations received $1.6 million to lead four of the projects in collaboration with aquaculture industry, management and community partners. Maine Sea Grant also […]

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scallop photo

UMaine News: Researchers use DNA in seawater to monitor scallop reproduction

Read about Skylar Bayer’s Maine Sea Grant-funded research on UMaine news: Researchers use DNA in seawater to monitor scallop reproduction The funded projects mentioned in the article are: DV-16-06 Developing a genetic toolkit to detect spawning events of giant sea scallops DV-17-12 Field testing a new genetic marker on spawning scallop populations

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