Dozens of American Lobsters in the water with their claws banded

National Sea Grant Program opens new round of lobster research funding

January 13, 2020 – The National Sea Grant Office has opened a new round of funding for its American Lobster Research Program to support research to address the critical gaps in knowledge about how the American Lobster and its fishery are being impacted by environmental change. The deadline to apply is March 19, 2020. Research […]

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person tending aquaculture cages from a boat

NOAA Sea Grant National Aquaculture Initiative awards $1.6M to advance sustainable aquaculture in Maine 

NOAA National Sea Grant Program awarded $16 million for 42 projects nationwide that comprise the 2019 Sea Grant National Aquaculture Initiative. Maine Sea Grant, researchers at the University of Maine, other institutions, and partner organizations received $1.6 million to lead four of the projects in collaboration with aquaculture industry, management and community partners. Maine Sea Grant also […]

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scallop photo

UMaine News: Researchers use DNA in seawater to monitor scallop reproduction

Read about Skylar Bayer’s Maine Sea Grant-funded research on UMaine news: Researchers use DNA in seawater to monitor scallop reproduction The funded projects mentioned in the article are: DV-16-06 Developing a genetic toolkit to detect spawning events of giant sea scallops DV-17-12 Field testing a new genetic marker on spawning scallop populations

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