The proceedings of this symposium will be published in ICES Journal of Marine Science (ICESJMS). Only manuscripts that resulted from a presentation made at the symposium will be considered for publication in the proceedings. Anyone who presented (oral or poster) at the symposium can submit a manuscript.

The scientific steering committee will offer a ‘first review’ service to those who would like to obtain feedback/advice. While this does not guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted, we hope that it will improve the odds.

Manuscripts will be evaluated following the standard process applied to all submissions to ICES JMS. We strongly recommend that authors read the document, How to get published in ICESJMS. Articles will be published as accepted and will be tagged as a contribution to the symposium. When the full complement of accepted papers is finalized, they will be published together in a symposium issue.

The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2023.