From Echosounders to the Cloud: Transforming Acoustic Data to Information

ICES Fisheries and Plankton Acoustics Symposium
27-30 March 2023 Portland, Maine, USA

Many institutions count their datasets in terabytes or time series in decades, and now monitor many facets of the ecosystem in addition to single-stock resource surveys. The fisheries and plankton acoustics community continues to develop and evaluate new acoustic instrumentation and package them with other sensors on crewed and remote/autonomous platforms to observe components of the ecosystem that until now have been too expensive or impossible to monitor. In response to this meteoric increase in data, the community has evolved to integrate multiple data streams to address ecosystem science using “big data” analytics such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to form information used by resource managers and policymakers. This information provides for well-managed ecosystems that allow us to utilize the resources while allowing everyone to enjoy the ecosystem. 

The aim of this symposium is to facilitate exchange among the spectrum of scientists and engineers who develop acoustic instrumentation, collect data, and transform those data to information critical for conserving fisheries and ecosystems. 

2023 will mark the 50th anniversary since the first ICES sponsored Symposium on Fisheries Acoustics and Technology held in Bergen, Norway (1973) and this symposium will be the 8th in that illustrious history. Previous symposia were held in Bergen, Norway (1973, 1982, and 2008), in Seattle, USA (1987), in Aberdeen, Scotland (1995), in Montpellier, France (2002), and in Nante, France (2015). 

This meeting will be in-person only.  We will not be offering real-time, online participation.

Registration is expected to begin early December 2022

Social Events

Opening Reception
Sunday, 26 March
Holiday Inn, Portland, Maine, USA
Time: TBD

Symposium Banquet
Wednesday, 29 March
Time and venue: TBD

Travel & Venue

Holiday Inn By the Sea
Portland, Maine, USA

You will book rooms on your own and in advance of the symposium. We recommend reserving as soon as possible as there are a limited number of rooms available at the symposium rate.

Before booking travel arrangements, be sure to investigate travel restrictions to or from the U.S. due to COVID or other contagions.

WGFAST Business Meeting

WGFAST will convene their “business” meeting on Friday, 31 March. This meeting is separate from the symposium and participation is not required as part of the symposium. A separate agenda will be arranged and distributed to those who register.

The meeting will be held at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) in Portland, Maine.

Time: TBD

This is an ICES sponsored event and we will follow ICES convention as it pertains to membership and participation in symposia. The war in Ukraine is still ongoing and ICES has placed a temporary suspension of participation by Russian colleagues in ICES sponsored events. This suspension applies to only those who are currently living in Russia and working in Russian institutes. Those nationals who are engaged in other countries are welcome to participate. Please contact the conveners with any questions.

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