DV-17-05 International Pectinid Workshop

Sandra Shumway
University of Connecticut

Emily Keiley
University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

The first International Pectinid Workshop was held in 1976 in Ireland and has since moved throughout the world. The Workshop has grown to a large international group attracting well over 100 delegates from some 30 coun­tries. Devoted scallop enthusiasts gather every second year to exchange the latest develop­ments within a range of scientific fields, aquaculture, fisheries, and management. Jointly hosted by the United States and Canada, the 21st Workshop was held in Portland, Maine, in April 2017; 125 people attended. Nine keynote lectures and sessions focused on fisheries, aquaculture, genetics, disease, and other scallop-related science; a special “Industry Day” brought in scallop fishermen from throughout the region to share their stories, questions, and concerns.

Read the full program with abstracts (PDF).

Sea Grant funds $1,000