DV-16-14 International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy Symposium

Haley Viehman
University of Maine

Offshore renewable energy has the potential to contribute to the resilience of coastal communities. Realizing this potential requires a transition from pilot projects to commercial-scale deployments. Collaboration between researchers from multiple disciplines, project developers, regulatory agencies, local industry, and communities is becoming recognized as a prerequisite to these larger projects, particularly as an aid in avoiding conflicts which arise over the use of marine resources. However, few guidelines exist to help project developers navigate the complex process of stakeholder engagement and involvement.

Maine is a national leader in offshore renewable energy, with high-profile successes in technology development and stakeholder engagement. The INORE symposium (October 31-November 1, 2016) will bring together a diverse group of researchers and provide a platform for hearing from and exchanging ideas with local experts in Maine’s offshore renewable energy initiatives. This symposium will raise awareness of Maine offshore renewable energy activities in a diverse international community of researchers and industry members. The organizers hope to demonstrate the value of interdisciplinary research and stakeholder engagement in offshore energy development, and provide insight on how to incorporate these aspects in future projects.

Sea Grant funds $5,000