DV-15-14 Maine Science Festival

Kate Dickerson

Maine is a rural state with a small, dispersed population, where many residents feel the loss of traditional industries and are struggling economically. The state is exceptionally rich in natural resources, however, and its beauty has attracted and held generations of highly creative citizens who have adapted to the remote and rugged landscape through ingenuity and innovation. These values, central to the culture of Maine, are at the heart of scientific exploration and discovery, which makes the state an ideal location for a festival celebrating science. 

The Maine Science Festival, scheduled for March 18-20, 2016, serves audiences of all types, including students and families; professionals who work in a science or engineering field; and anyone who is interested in learning more about science through workshops, hands-on activities, panel discussions, talks, and exhibits hosted by collaborating businesses and organizations.

This is the second year of Maine Sea Grant support for the festival. We will be exhibiting throughout the weekend and participating in several panels.

Sea Grant funds: $2,380