DV-12-15 Science and technology feature in The Working Waterfront (Fathoming Year 3)

Gillian Garratt-Reed
Island Institute
386 Main Street
Rockland, ME

Community engagement in discussion and decisions related to the marine environment are often hampred because Maine’s coastal residents do not have access to clear, accurate translations of the complex scientific and technical factors needed to make informed decisions. To fill this gap, in 2010 The Working Waterfront newspaper initiated a regular feature that would explore the science behind the front-page headlines and the issues of concern to the newspaper’s 60,000+ readers. The feature, called Fathoming, is co-authored by Heather Deese of the Island Institute and Catherine Schmitt of Maine Sea Grant.

A 2010 survey found that half of The Working Waterfront readers read Fathoming always or frequently, and 43% sought to learn more about an issue after reading about it in the paper. Sea Grant supported three years of the initiative.

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Sea Grant funds: $5,000