DV-08-019 The Gulf of Maine Lobster Fishery Conference: The Future of the Lobster Industry

Pat White
Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation
PO Box 523
Kennebunk, ME 04043

The commercial lobster fishery, the economic engine for so many coastal communities in the Gulf of Maine, is undergoing extreme changes. In 2008, an apparent drop in landings, lower prices paid to lobstermen for their product, and rising fuel and bait prices combined to pose an economic burden on lobstermen.

In November 2008, the Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation, in partnership with the Nicholas Institute, convened a workshop to develop a common understanding of the challenges facing the lobster industry, learn from the management of other fisheries around the world, and identify possible solutions to address the changes facing the Gulf of Maine lobster industry. The workshop began a dialogue to develop greater consensus around the next steps in lobster management. The deliverables will include reports from each workshop and a strawman proposal that will be present to marine resources departments from Maine to Rhode Island and ASMFC.

Total: $2,500