Tessa Rock

Tessa Rock is a junior at the University of New England studying Marine Science and minoring in Anthropology. Her hometown is New London, Connecticut. Starting in high school, Rock collaborated with CT Sea Grant on a project that investigated the effectiveness of American beach grass for dune restoration. This project was shown at the State Science Fair and was published in an online journal in 2018. At the University of New England, Rock has been working on a phytoplankton identification project and is currently in the process of writing a manuscript for this. Additionally, she is investigating serotonin receptors in European Green crabs using CRISPR gene editing. Rock’s short term goals are to attend graduate school in the Chesapeake Bay region and work with Maryland Sea Grant on future projects. Her long term goal is to become a conservation educator and research scientist within a university.

Rock is a 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship in Marine Sciences recipient.