Sara Ang

My name is Sara Ang. I am a Sophomore at Michigan State University where I am majoring in Fisheries and Wildlife and concentrating in Fisheries Biology and Management. I am interested in the human/anthropogenic dimensions of Fisheries and how that ties in with the future of fisheries and their longevity. Additionally, I am interested in how climate change affects Fisheries around the world. I am the Fisheries Chair for the student chapter of Fisheries and Wildlife at MSU and also a part of clubs like the MSU Fishing Club and the Club Tennis Team. I am currently working with Rory Saunders and Emily Zimmerman on Marine Derived Nutrients related to the Atlantic Salmon. I am also a part of the Arctic Grayling Initiative at MSU as well. I hope to gain more overall experience and knowledge within Fisheries to help shape my path to my future career.

Sara is a 2021 Undergraduate Intern in Sea-run Fish Research.