Olivia Jolley

Olivia Jolley is a fourth-year from San Diego, California studying Human Ecology at the College of the Atlantic (COA). As a first-year, Jolley participated in a week-long research course looking into the microbiome of zebrafish and its impact on fin regeneration. During her sophomore year, she took part in an academic year fellowship at Jackson Laboratory researching tunicates. The following summer she and one of her peers became the station managers of COA’s research station on Mount Desert Rock, participating in the station’s long-term research projects and attempting their own film biological survey of predatory fish. Her short-term goals include making the most of the time she has left in Maine and the opportunities available to her through COA. After graduation, Jolley wants to gain research experience and travel before she continues her academic studies. While she is still exploring the many marine science career paths, Jolley does have a soft spot for sharks and remote research stations.

Jolley is a 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship in Marine Sciences recipient.