Madeline Abell

Hello, my name is Madeline Abell and I’m a rising junior at the University of Maine, Orono working towards an undergraduate degree in Marine Biology. After graduating I hope to go onto graduate school, and work in research dealing with aquatic life migration and how to improve the way for aquatic life to return to their breeding grounds, and new conservation strategies for lakes, rivers, ponds, ect. I enjoy kayaking and swimming and look forward to spending my summer on the rivers, lakes, and ponds around Bangor. I hope to gain the necessary skills and experience to analyze different types of data and look forward to becoming more familiar with the Penobscot river and other tribal watersheds.

I’m working with Dan McCaw and Dan Kusnierz on Indian Island with the Penobscot Indian Nation. Together we are conducting a wide range of water quality monitoring activities throughout the Penobscot watershed and tribal trust lands. Data collected from these water quality tests will be used to assess the quality of water compared to tribal, federal, and state standards. Additionally data will be used to assess the habitat quality for aquatic and human life and to recommend changes to improve water quality.

Madeline is a 2021 Undergraduate Intern in Sea-run Fish Research.