Hallie Arno

Hallie Arno is a rising junior at College of the Atlantic, where she is majoring in Human Ecology and focusing on the interactions between people and the ocean. She is interested in pursuing a career in marine conservation, aquaculture, or field research, and enjoys being on the water sailing, paddling, or swimming, either in the ocean or one of the many Maine rivers and lakes. She also enjoys hiking and walking her dogs. Hallie is excited to work with Justin Stevens of Maine Sea Grant and explore the Penobscot River Estuary data and find ways to draw conclusions from it and communicate them. She hopes to gain experience analyzing different types of data to ultimately help contribute to conservation and management efforts in the estuary and is looking forward to becoming familiar with the many aspects of the Penobscot River ecosystem, from the water chemistry to plankton to fish and birds.

Hallie is a 2020 Undergraduate Intern in Sea-run Fish Research.