Dylan Garrabrant

I am a Marine Biology major at Stockton University in Southern New Jersey, class of 2023. After I graduate, I hope to earn my master’s degree in Fisheries Management or a related field and become a Fisheries Biologist for a state or federal agency. In my free time I fish every chance I get but I also enjoy cooking and playing/listening to music. This summer though, I will be tending both smolt and adult Atlantic salmon traps with Jonesboro DMR’s Colby Bruchs. Later in the summer I will work with my mentor, Ernie Atkinson monitoring temperature in various salmon habitats to see if one areas temperature can be accurately used to predict another’s.

I am very excited to get experience in the field with sampling methods as well as contribute in any way to helping recover the endangered Atlantic Salmon. I am most excited, though, to see a wild adult salmon as I did not even know they still existed in the US until I applied for this internship.

Dylan is a 2022 Undergraduate Intern in Sea-run Fish Research.