Clara Benadon

Hello! My name is Clara Benadon and I’m a rising sophomore and prospective biology major (Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology concentration) at Bowdoin College. I aspire to become a marine biologist or biological oceanographer neck-deep in research (and possibly knee-deep in the field). The research that excites me the most explores how different players within living systems connect to each other. What tiny clues can lead us to larger ecological truths? I’m interested in marine ecoacoustics, fishery health, ocean exploration & reef imaging, and new conservation strategies. Outside of fishy business, I enjoy kayaking, painting, baking, knitting, and identifying species native to the Maryland countryside I call home.

This summer I’m working with Dan McCaw, fisheries biologist of the Penobscot Indian Nation, to investigate how dam policy has historically affected fishery health on the Penobscot River. We hope to use the story we compile to help steer future policy decisions towards conservation. I’d love to learn more about everyone’s research – please reach out if you want to shoot the breeze about what you’re doing in the lab or on the water!

Clara is a 2020 Undergraduate Intern in Sea-run Fish Research.