Camden Hunt

Camden Hunt is a third-year undergraduate student at the College of the Atlantic from Newport News, Virginia. His interests include fisheries, marine science, storytelling, art, and history. Hunt recently completed an internship with Mapping Ocean Stories, a COA project aimed at recording the stories and sounds of Maine coastal communities. He focused largely on Maine’s historic sardine industry and has put together a large body of poetry based on these stories. He also created, wrote, and produced a radio show for Coastal Conversations on WERU. Another body of poetry that Hunt created related to herring smoking can be found on the Downeast Fishery Trail website. Further, Hunt has done archival work at the McCurdy’s Smokehouse Museum in Lubec, Maine. Hunt hopes to continue to produce multimedia work that explores and shares how coastal communities benefit from and rely on the ocean. His long-term goal is to start a business related to fisheries-focused art.

Hunt is a 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship in Marine Sciences recipient.