2019 Beaches Conference Plenary 2 Long Description

Undercurrents: Navigating the Human Dynamics of Coastal Adaptations

The University of New Hampshire’s PowerPlay Interactive Development program has developed a unique style of training that utilizes professional actors who perform highly researched scripts, and an exciting method of audience interaction that is engaging and impactful, but also enjoyable and comfortable. Participants are given the opportunity to watch familiar scenarios then ask the characters questions, gaining insight into their motivations and points of view. With this deeper level of understanding, the audience members can utilize the actors to explore more effective and productive ways to interact with these stakeholders.

This session will feature the unique points of view of three archetypal stakeholders involved in conversations around moving out of harm’s way: scientists, residents, and municipal leaders. Participants will be allowed to interview the characters in an effort to develop a more nuanced understanding of the complex perspectives around managed retreat issues. Ultimately, this facilitated session will create a safe and inviting forum for attendees to engage in a difficult dialogue about the challenging and sensitive human elements around this issue.

PowerPlay Interactive Development
Julia Peterson