Frequently asked questions about Maine oysters

What is an oyster? An oyster is a marine invertebrate animal that lives in salt and brackish water. Oysters are bivalves: two shells connected by a hinge enclose and protect their muscles and organs. Are Maine oysters all the same species? All oysters grown in Maine are the same species, Crassostrea virginica, the American or […]

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Because of declines in commercial fishing opportunities for wild fish, and the state’s overwhelming dependence on lobster, much of the seafood-related work undertaken by Maine Sea Grant is related to developing and supporting opportunities for wild harvesters and aquaculture producers to strengthen or diversify their seafood-related businesses. Our goal is that Sea Grant activities contribute […]

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Maine Oyster Trail

About the Trail The Maine Oyster Trail is an interactive guide and tourism initiative that helps consumers discover “the way oysters should be.” The Trail invites visitors and locals alike to discover Maine’s coast and oyster regions through farm tours, shucking lessons, community events, raw bars, and opportunities to purchase oysters directly from farmers. Maine […]

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