Calling all anglers and students! New Study of Freshwater Fish and Angling on Mount Desert Island Needs You!

Freshwater fishing on Mount Desert Island is a tradition that predates the creation of Acadia National Park and continues to this day.

Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island Historical Society, and Maine Sea Grant are working together to document the history of Mount Desert Island’s freshwater and diadromous fish populations.

Nobody knows fish habits better than fishermen! We are looking for anglers and others who are willing to share their knowledge about fishing on MDI’s streams, lakes, and ponds. These stories will capture an important part of our local heritage and inform the management of freshwater and diadromous species for the future. Please contact us if you have a story to share!

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY: We are also hiring an intern to help conduct interviews and research existing archives to capture the history of freshwater fish and angling on Mount Desert Island. Graduate and advanced-level undergraduate students are encouraged to apply.