The Future of the Salarius Blog

Salarius means “of salt” in Latin. Because salt once constituted a form of currency, Salarius also refers to salt money, an allowance, pay. The ocean pays back, sustains us; it provides food, oxygen, and a livelihood for the people of Maine pas, present, and (hopefully) future. For the authors of this blog, Salarius encompasses all things related to the ocean, the Maine Coast, and the people who live, work, and play here.

This blog is a space for members of the Marine Extension Team, a collaboration of the Maine Sea Grant Program and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, to share information, news, and reflections related to their work along Maine’s coast. At its core, extension work is about sharing information and assistance that helps people make decisions. Marine extension is about sharing the science, culture, and economy of the sea so that it can sustain our communities into the future. Every day, our Marine Extension Team members interact with people who live, work and play on the coast of Maine.

We’d like to thank Catherine Schmitt, Maine Sea Grant communicator, for starting Salarius over three years ago and sharing this space with the Marine Extension Team.