Alphabetical Directory of Publications A-N

15th Annual Farmed Fish Health Management Workshop Program Guide & Abstracts 1.6 MB

2005 Ambassadors of the Bay Final Report XX MB

Access to the Waterfront: Issues and Solutions Across the Nation 5.6 MB

Annual Report

Beach Profile Monitoring Brochure 255 KB

Catalog of Climate Changte Investment Opportunities: Programs and Projects in Maine XX MB

Clam Tents in the Damariscotta River: An Applied, Collaborative Research Project, 2000-2001 724 KB

Collaborative Gear Research, Part One: What it takes to get projects going (CFM, October 2002) 125 KB

Collaborative Gear Research, Part Two: Process needed to review results (CFN, December 2002) 106 KB

Cooperative State of Maine Survey of Atlantic Halibut in Groundfish Closed Areas in the Eastern Gulf of Maine 454 KB

Diver-harvested scallops: Precious as pearls XX MB (Wild Catch Magazine)

Environmental Stewardship in the Gulf of Maine: A Coordinator's Manual

Extension Activities Regarding Fish Health Issues in Aquaculture 3.23 MB

Field Trials of 4" Rings in the Inshore Scallop Fishery in the Gulf of Maine XX MB

From Store to Shore: A Sea Kayaker's Guide to Safety and Stewardship in Maine 161 KB

A Guide to Bivalve Diseases 415 KB

Gulf of Maine Expedition Final Report 1.68 MB

Harpswell's Working Waterfronts 927 KB

Healthy Boating Equals Healthy Beaches XX MB

Kiosk Posters

Life Between the Tides: Marine Plants and Animals of the Northeast

The Maine Clam Handbook 871 KB

Maine Fishermen's Forum Special Session: Using Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) for Fisheries Management in the Gulf of Maine 211 KB

Maine Healthy Beaches Program 2006 Report 483 KB

Maine Oyster Cult XX MB (Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors Magazine)

Maine Sea Grant Fact Sheet XX MB

Maine's Marine Invasions (2005 Brochure) 686 KB

Maine's Marine Invasions (2008 Brochure) XX MB

Maine's Salt Marshes: Their Functions, Values and Restoration 732 KB

Managing Maine's Beaches: A Regional Planning Approach

Marine Aquaculture in Maine: How the Public Can Participate in the Leasing Process for Marine Aquaculture Farms in Maine 1.78 MB

Marine Extension in Action: Tracking Beach Erosion Could Help Management 1 MB

Marine Extension Team Fact Sheet XX MB

Meeting the Challenges Together (Aquaculture Fact Sheet) 1.77 MB

Microbial Source Tracking in Two Southern Maine Watersheds: Executive Summary for Webhannet River Watershed, August 2003 610 KB

Microbial Source Tracking in Two Southern Maine Watersheds: Webhannet River Report, August 2003 6.93 MB

Microbial Source Tracking MBLR Executive Summary 2.19 MB

Microbial Source Tracking MBLR Watershed Report 6 MB

The monkfish: So much more than just a pretty face XX MB (Wild Catch Magazine)

Moosabec: The Downeast Fishing Community of Beals and Jonesport XX MB

MREP: To help fishermen be effective participants (CFN, February 2003) 106 KB

Needs and Issues in the Taunton Bay Region: A Survey of Residents from Franklin, Hancock, and Sullivan, Maine 1.49 MB

No matter what you call it, 'squat' isnt' lobster XX MB (Wild Catch Magazine)

Northern shrimp: A gala addition to a winter's night XX MB (Wild Catch Magazine)