DV-14-13 Climate Solutions Mapping Project

Malcolm Burson & Karen Marysdaughter
Climate Solutions Communication & Outreach Working Group
161 Stovepipe Alley
Monroe, ME 04951

The University of Maine played a key role in producing the Department of Environmental Protection’s 2010 publication, "People and Nature: Adapting to a Changing Climate." Despite the challenges noted by the University and other stakeholders in the report, people of Maine have the institutions and resources to respond to climate change in ways that will strengthen their economy and quality of life. At this time, there is no resource for identifying, promoting, and coordinating these efforts.

A diverse group of businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofits are compiling information on climate change initiatives in politics, civic organizations, higher education, public education, religion, government and business in Maine. The group will establish a web platform to disseminate the information via an interactive map that can be easily maintained and updated.

Sea Grant funds: $200