DV-10-24 Coastal and Marine Mercury Ecosystem Research Collaborative Conference

Tiare Dunlap
Toxic Metals Research Program
Center for Environmental Health Sciences
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

Despite the significant connection between the bioaccumulation of mercury in marine food webs and dietary consumption of fish by humans, many important uncertainties and gaps exist in our understanding of the sources of methylmercury in marine systems and the pathways to human exposure. The Coastal and Marine Mercury Ecosystem Research Collaborative (C-Merc), sponsored by the Dartmouth College Toxic Metals Superfund Research Program, is working to address these important questions. Guided by a steering committee and support staff, C-Merc will convene a team of scientists and stakeholders to work together over a two-year period to gather and analyze data and publish a series of papers related to the inputs, cycling and uptake of mercury in marine ecosystems. The salient findings from this initiative will be translated and distributed to public health and policy stakeholders.