DV-10-06 People and nature adapting to a changing climate

Malcolm Burson
Maine Department of Environmental Protection
17 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333
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Maine has been a leader in addressing climate change and in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including being the first state to pass a law with specific greenhouse gas reduction targets. While these mitigation efforts must continue, the state recognized the need for a strong adaptation plan promoting resilience and addressing opportunities, and so in 2009 the Maine State Legislature passed a “Resolve: To Evaluate Climate Change Adaptation Options for the State.” Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection initiated a nine-month process involving a diverse stakeholder group charged with building upon the Maine’s Climate Future report (produced in 2009 by Maine Sea Grant). Representatives of business, industry, trade associations, state agencies, university, and nongovernmental organizations worked throughout 2009 to consider likely impacts due to a changing climate, identify areas of vulnerability, and make recommendations. These were included in a report delivered to the legislature’s Natural Resources Committee on February 25, 2010.

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