DV-09-005 Exploring fine scale ecology for groundfish in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank

Laura Taylor Singer
Gulf of Maine Research Institute
350 Commercial Street
Portland, ME 04101
Gulf of Maine Research Institute

The Gulf of Maine ecosystem is among the most complex and well-studied bioregions in the world. However, the groundfish fishery that was once the mainstay of many coastal communities remains vastly diminished. In response, some have called for a re-evaluation of the scale at which we manage fisheries. Over the last decade, considerable research has accumulated on the groundfish species within the Gulf of Maine region: migration, abundance, and habitats have all been explored. When considered in the context of the broader system, this work may provide new insights on ecologically-appropriate scales for management.

The Exploring Ecological Scales workshop on April 2, 2009 brought together fishermen, oceanographers, biologists, social scientists and managers for a rich discussion on what is known and what questions still need to be addressed to manage groundfish within the Gulf of Maine at multiple scales.

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