DV-06-012 Ambassadors of the Bay: Vision Quest 2006

Jane Disney
MDI Water Quality Coalition

P.O. Box 911
Mount Desert, ME
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There are many diverse users of Frenchman Bay in downeast Maine, and just as many visions for the future of the bay. Ambassadors of the Bay was a five-day sea kayak journey that high school students and community members made to gain a bay-level perspective on current issues in the bay, and to collect stakeholders’ personal visions for its future. This grant supported the development of educational materials to raise public awareness of issues affecting the future of the bay and management strategies that may be used to determine that future. A final report synthesized individual visions into a collective vision of participating citizens, for use as a guiding document in discussions about the future of the bay and the development of a bay management plan.

1-year project: $1000