Lillian Warwick

My name is Lillie Warwick and I am a Sophomore in the class of 2026, studying
Integrative Biology at the University of Maine at Machias. After I graduate, I plan to further my
education in the medical field at another university. I enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, and doing
anything that gives me new experiences and puts me in nature. This summer I will be an intern
with Ernie Atkinson at DMR, working to collect data on the Atlantic Salmon population and use
that data to get a better understanding of their behaviors and way of life. I will also be aiding
Earnie in a project using temperature logging to predetermine the temperature of water
between certain points. This data from the Atlantic Salmon along with the temperature logging
will also be used towards restoring their habitat.

I applied to this internship because as someone new to Maine I thought it would be a
good way to expand my knowledge and understanding of the area while meeting new people. I
also loved the idea of being able to learn more about and possibly help Atlantic Salmon and
their habitat.

Lillie is a 2023 Undergraduate Intern in Sea-run Fish Research.