Coastal Conversations Radio Program: World Fish Migration Day and Local Stream Restoration

Coastal Conversations show: May 27, 2016
WERU 89.9 in Blue Hill and 99.9 in Bangor
Host: Catherine Schmitt, Maine Sea Grant

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Everywhere a road and stream intersect represents a vulnerability for communities, a potential washout during the next big rainstorm that can be costly to repair. Undersized and malfunctioning drainage structures are also a problem for fish, especially this time of year when alewives, blueback herring, smelt, and salmon are migrating between rivers and the ocean. Fish are also blocked by dams and other barriers. But communities are taking action to fix road crossings, install fish ladders, and learn more about the fish and wildlife inhabiting their local streams.

On this program, we talk with fisheries biologists and educators to learn about how Maine citizens are restoring fish habitat and strengthening community infrastructure. We also learn how people of all ages are reconnecting to native fish and wildlife species, through World Fish Migration Day activities and other programs.


Barbara Charry, Conservation Biologist, Maine Audubon
Ruth Feldman, Program Director, Island Readers & Writers
Jeremy Bell, Aquatic Restoration Specialist, The Nature Conservancy
Ciona Ulbrich, Senior Project Manager, Maine Coast Heritage Trust

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Stream Smart road crossing designs
Island Readers & Writers Small Fish, Big Impact Education Program
Maine Chapter of The Nature Conservancy
World Fish Migration Day Website
Maine Coast Heritage Trust & Maine Land Trust Network

audio frequency iconListen to the show on WERU archives
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