DV-12-12 National Summit on Community-Supported Fisheries

Erik Chapman
New Hampshire Sea Grant
131 Main Street
Durham, NH 03833

Community Supported Fisheries (CSFs), inspired by the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model in which consumers pre-pay for a share of fresh local produce from local farmers, have been one approach that fishermen and fishing communities have explored to direct more money to boats, while achieving a range of other social and environmental goals. Over the last five years, CSFs have grown dramatically in number and size on a national scale. If the growth of CSAs is any indicator of the trajectory of CSFs, we can expect that the number of CSFs will continue to multiply. Despite this potential, a variety of technical barriers and overarching questions about their long-term viability have arisen as these programs have matured over the past several years.

The National Summit on Community Supported Fisheries, organized by New Hampshire Sea Grant, brought together a small group of CSF organizers, fishermen, and community leaders (50-75) to explore the challenges and opportunities associated with the emerging model.

Sea Grant funds: $2,000