Teagan McMahon

My name is Teagan McMahon, and I am a rising Senior at Pitzer College in Southern California where I am studying environmental science. My drive for research comes from my love for my home state of Maine. I am particularly interested in fisheries management and the intersection between conservation work and environmental justice. I aim to pursue a career on the science-policy interface in fisheries or marine science. Looking to the future, understanding the complexities of large-scale environmental change, as well as the local impacts of environmental changes, will be increasingly important for creating informed policy. I believe that understanding environmental systems will allow for mitigation of the uneven impacts of anthropogenic climate change.

I look forward to the opportunity to work in the field with the Department of Marine Resources Division of Sea-run Fisheries, collecting data to inform population estimates of the endangered Atlantic salmon. With DMR I will have the chance to apply knowledge gained in my undergraduate courses, including data management and analysis skills in GIS and RStudio. I will also have the opportunity to engage with multiple stakeholders to understand and participate in policy work in conservation.

Teaghan is a 2021 Undergraduate Intern in Sea-run Fish Research.