Interactive Sessions

Exploring Maine Seaweeds

Sarah Redmond, Maine Sea Grant, and Hilary Krapf, Maine Seaweed Festival
Maine is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and versatile marine macroalgae, but they are often underappreciated in the beach community. Quite possibly the ocean’s most versatile and sustainable resource, seaweeds are used for food, extracts, beauty products, artistic creations, textiles, health products and more. Seaweeds are a valuable source of essential minerals, vitamins, and unique marine bioactive ingredients for human, animal, and plant health. Join us to explore the world of Maine seaweeds together through sight, taste and touch. We will review the biology, diversity, and ecology of Maine seaweeds in a hands-on session that will cover identification, uses, benefits, and applications. This hands-on session will allow participants to identify common Maine seaweeds, learn about the wild harvest and aquaculture industry in Maine, and gain a greater appreciation of Maine’s macroalgal resource.

Physical Science Demonstrations Using Sand

David Sturm, University of Maine
A presentation of physical science demonstrations from the Mainely Physics collections that relate to sand, water, heat, and sunlight… all relating to the basic physical concepts of the beach. Some of the demonstrations will be mathematical, some engaging — literally with audience volunteers, some eye-opening, and some for fun to bring home the message that ALL of the sciences are vital for understanding the physical processes relating to the beach. I will hope that the audience will go home with ideas for teachers and new discussion points that can be demonstrated.