Monitoring Maine’s Marine Invaders – 2013

Beth Bisson, Maine Sea Grant, Jeremy Miller, Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve, Sarah Morrisseau, Christine Voyer, and Jeffrey Rubel, Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Jessica Muhlin, Maine Martime Academy, and Sue Richman, South Portland High School
Beth Bisson and Jessica Muhlin’s Presentation (11 MB PDF)
Christine Voyer and Jeffrey Rubel’s Presentation (20 MB PDF)
Jeremy Miller’s Presentation (11 MB PDF)
This session will provide an overview of ongoing marine invasive species monitoring efforts in the State of Maine. Beth Bisson from Maine Sea Grant and Dr. Jessica Muhlin from Maine Maritime Academy will share information about a relatively recent arrival to Maine, the invasive red seaweed, Heterosiphonia japonica, which was first identified on Maine islands in 2011, and has generated concern among coastal property owners, resource managers, and municipalities. Dr. Muhlin will lead participants in a brief species identification training to help distinguish this species from other red algae species. Christine Voyer and Sarah Morrisseau, from the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, will provide an update on the marine invasive species Field Missions for their Vital Signs Program, and Jeremy Miller, from the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve will give an overview of the Marine Invasive Monitoring and Information Collaborative (MIMIC) program, a regional effort that he coordinates in Maine. Jeremy’s presentation will include a field-based demonstration of MIMIC monitoring protocols in the nearby intertidal area.

Session Notes (PDF)