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2013 Maine Beaches Conference

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17 July 2015 | Southern Maine Community College | South Portland

Recreational Island Monitoring

As interest in recreational opportunities on Maine's public and private islands continues to grow, recreation management will increasingly depend on science-based information about the relationship between island use and island conditions. Natalie coordinates the new multi-organization island monitoring task force, whose goal is to develop science-based island monitoring methods that will help managers and island owners achieve their island management objectives.

Radar Reflectors and Sea Kayak Visibility

In recent years, sea kayaking has been growing in popularity throughout North America and especially in Maine. Sea kayakers are regularly observed along our coastal shores; and sea kayak guides and outfitters are becoming a significant part of the working waterfront, with commercial operations spanning from Kittery to Calais. With such popularity, the potential for kayak collisions with larger vessels increases dramatically.

Gulf of Maine Expedition Institute

Gulf of Maine Expedition LogoThe Gulf of Maine Expedition Institute is a sea kayak-based educational program seeking to document the Gulf of Maine through on-the-water and classroom-based experiences for learners of all ages.

Marine Area Characterization Working Group

During the past year, Maine Sea Grant has partnered with the Quebec Labrador Foundation to convene the 24-member Marine Area Characterization Working Group. The group, consisting of university and college research scientists, state agency personnel, and non-profit organization staff, will meet over the course of one year to develop a body of recommendations on the components and methods for conducting marine inventories.

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