Current Research

Current Research Projects

DV-16-24 Engaging shellfish stakeholders in assessing ribbon worm damage and identifying solutions
DV-16-23 The Coastal Science Academy
DV-16-22 Student shellfish aquaculture and ecological monitoring initiative
E-16 Arctic surf clam: A new candidate species to diversify and advance sustainable domestic aquaculture in Maine and the Northeast U.S.
DV-16-09 Downeast Whale Watch Training Program
DV-16-14 International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy Symposium
DV-16-11 Northern Maine Children’s Water Festival
DV-16-04 The 45th Benthic Ecology Meeting
DV-16-07 Northeastern Coastal Station Alliance intertidal temperature monitoring proof of concept: What can Tidbit data loggers tell us about coordination and collaboration?
DV-16-01 Sea-level rise adaptation in New England marshes
DV-16-08 Training for Observation and Research of Coastal Habitats
E-14-EA-2 Aquaculture site prospecting: Developing remote sensing capabilities for the aquaculture community of Maine
DV-16-13 Assessing the ecological and economic impacts of Chondrus crispus: the rise of Maine's new foundation species
DV-16-12 Impact of claw removal on Jonah crab survival
DV-16-10 Developing a fishery for softshell green crab by improving molt detection
DV-16-06 Developing a genetic toolkit to detect spawning events of giant sea scallops
DV-15-12 Linking ocean acidification factors to the development of American lobster
DV-15-04 The range, prevalence, and abundance of codworm in the Gulf of Maine
R-16-05 Lost to the sea: Maine’s ancient coastal heritage
R-16-04 Improving assessment of critical habitat for Atlantic salmon in a rapidly changing climate