Completed Research

Project Name
R-10-10 Emergency surveillance monitoring for MSX disease
R-10-05 Mapping Maine's working waters
R-10-04 Assessing vulnerability and resilience in Maine fishing communities
R-10-03 Restoration of anadromous fishes: the effects of dam removal and habitat conditioning in spawning streams
R-10-02 A comparative study of monitoring programs for coherence in quantifying the dynamics of American lobster fisheries in Maine
R-10-01 The critical leading edge of Gulf of Maine salt marshes
R-08-05 Developing Genetic Fingerprinting Techniques in Lobster Seeding Trials
R-08-03 Safety and Compliance in the Maine Commercial Fishing Industry
R-08-01 Growth and long-term abundance patterns of the bloodworm (Glycera dibranchiate)
R-06-04 Developing and evaulating biological reference points for the american lobster (Homarus americanus) fishery management
R-06-03 Integrated mariculture with Porphyra ("nori") to achieve sustainable aquaculture and new food products
R-06-02 Are Maine's marshes drowning? Determining the life cycle of salt marsh pannes
R-06-01 Effect of bloodworm harvesting on tidal flat fauna and ecosystem function
R-05-02 Phytoplankton Carrying Capacity in the Damariscotta River Estuary
R-05-01 Monitoring Mercury Fluxes in Estuarine Sediment Porewaters Using Novel Reactive Membranes
R-04-05 Wave predictions for coastal Gulf of Maine
R-04-04 The Effects of Herring Bait on Lobster Population Dynamics and the Benthic Community
R-04-03 Population structure of sea scallops (Placopecten magellanicus) in two coastal embayments in Maine
R-04-02 Environmental controls on shrimp recruitment dynamics
R-04-01 An Agent-based Model of the Maine Lobster Industry