Research & Program Development Projects

Maine Sea Grant supports scientific research that addresses issues of importance to Maine's coastal communities. Proposals are requested through a biennial research competition (next RFP is in 2017). We also provide project development funds for seed or pilot projects throughout the year. See the Funding page for more information.

Project Name
R-16-05 Lost to the sea: Maine’s ancient coastal heritage
R-16-04 Improving assessment of critical habitat for Atlantic salmon in a rapidly changing climate
R-16-02 Deepwater lobster settlement across thermal gradients in the Gulf of Maine
Maine Sea Grant Research Symposium
E-16 Arctic surf clam: A new candidate species to diversify and advance sustainable domestic aquaculture in Maine and the Northeast U.S.
DV-16-24 Engaging shellfish stakeholders in assessing ribbon worm damage and identifying solutions
DV-16-23 The Coastal Science Academy
DV-16-22 Student shellfish aquaculture and ecological monitoring initiative
DV-16-14 International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy Symposium
DV-16-13 Assessing the ecological and economic impacts of Chondrus crispus: the rise of Maine's new foundation species
DV-16-12 Impact of claw removal on Jonah crab survival
DV-16-11 Northern Maine Children’s Water Festival
DV-16-10 Developing a fishery for softshell green crab by improving molt detection
DV-16-09 Downeast Whale Watch Training Program
DV-16-08 Training for Observation and Research of Coastal Habitats
DV-16-07 Northeastern Coastal Station Alliance intertidal temperature monitoring proof of concept: What can Tidbit data loggers tell us about coordination and collaboration?
DV-16-06 Developing a genetic toolkit to detect spawning events of giant sea scallops
DV-16-04 The 45th Benthic Ecology Meeting
DV-16-01 Sea-level rise adaptation in New England marshes
DV-15-16 Comparative Genetics of Soft-Shell Clams in Penobscot Bay & the Gulf of Maine