Outreach Publications | 2000-2003

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Field Guide To Phytoplankton in Maine 3.78 MB

From Store to Shore: A Sea Kayaker's Guide to Safety and Stewardship in Maine 161 KB

Gulf of Maine Expedition Final Report 1.68 MB

Maine Fishermen's Forum Special Session: Using Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) for Fisheries Management in the Gulf of Maine 211 KB

Maine's Salt Marshes: Their Functions, Values and Restoration 732 KB

MREP: To help fishermen be effective participants (CFN, February 2003) 106 KB

Needs and Issues in the Taunton Bay Region: A Survey of Residents from Franklin, Hancock, and Sullivan, Maine 1.49 MB

Sea trials to Assess Knotless Codend Mesh Selectivity: Final Report Submitted to the Northeast Consortium XX MB

Working Together for a Sustainable Future (Fisheries Fact Sheet) 1.55 MB

Working With Communities for Environmental Health (Ecosystem Health Fact Sheet) 1.35 MB






Clam Tents in the Damariscotta River: An Applied, Collaborative Research Project, 2000-2001 724 KB

Optimization of Tidal Upweller Design: Final Report 1.24 MB

Results of Clam Tenting, 2001 63 KB

Webhannet Non-Point Source Pollution Survey Action Plan 11 KB



Oyster Disease Update (Autumn 2000) 58 KB

Southern Maine Beach Profile Monitoring: Mapping the State of Maine's Beaches 44 KB

Stock Enhancement of Sea Scallops in Maine: Growth of Seed from Spat Collectors 121 KB



The Maine Clam Handbook 871 KB

Planning for Ecotourism on the Coast of Maine 230 KB

A Guide to Bivalve Diseases for Aquaculturists in the Northeastern U.S. 1.6 MB



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