A Coastal Companion (cover picture)A Coastal Companion

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2009 Silver Award --Association for Communication Excellence, April, 2009

"...In a superb effort to make natural science interesting, entertaining, and educational, Maine author Catherine Schmitt has produced a highly readable scientific almanac and field guide focusing on the plants, animals, geology, climate and natural phenomenon of the land and sea ...This is a wonderful scientific treasury that explores the enormity, complexity and inter-relationships between the land and sea and all the creatures of both worlds." --Kennebec Journal, January 25, 2009


Life Between the Tides

Here’s a beautifully illustrated little field guide that will help you identify and learn about the many plants and animals of our intertidal zone. Written for the University of Maine’s Sea Grant program by Les Watling, Jill Fegley, and John Moring, it’s a fact-filled resource, arranged for easy identification, covering habitats, invertebrates, fishes, and marine plants. Andrea Sulzer’s pen-and-ink drawings, carefully done from live specimens, are finely detailed works of art!

"This is a great book to have in your backpack or beach bag..."— Northern Sky News