Maine Sea Grant is one of 32 NOAA Sea Grant programs throughout the coastal and Great Lakes states. The network is a powerful resource for sharing information and solving problems. Here are some recent examples of our network-wide efforts and results:

Regional Research: Sea Grant programs in the region (Maine, New Hampshire, MIT and WHOI, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York) have established the Northeast Sea Grant Consortium through a memorandum of understanding that outlines processes to encourage collaboration. As part of this initiative, the consortium members contribute to a regional research pool that is administered through a request for proposals every other year beginning with the 2010 funding cycle. Current regional research projects are Mitigating Risk to Whales from Lobster Fishing and Using Technology to Assess the Invasive Sea Squirt, Didemnum vexillum.

image of the access law websiteTechnology & Information Transfer: A website developed by Maine Sea Grant and partners and funded by the National Sea Grant Law Center,, has been adapted for use in five other states: Alabama, Hawai'i, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Virginia. Maine’s leadership on coastal access and working waterfront issues was evident in September 2010, when we hosted and chaired the Working Waterways and Waterfronts National Symposium on Water Access.

National Stories: During Sea Grant Week 2010, Maine Sea Grant reported on the network-wide response of Sea Grant programs to the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Coast-to-Coast Teamwork: Maine's Marine Extension Team (MET) is part of a larger team of some 375 Sea Grant extension professionals. MET members serve on national focus teams within the network, including the Sustainable Coastal Development Team and the Safe Sustainable Seafood Supply Team. Another MET member holds a leadership position in both the Regional and National Sea Grant Climate Change Networks. In these roles, Maine Sea Grant ensures the national relevance of our state-level programming while also keeping Maine’s issues and concerns part of the national conversation. 

NOAA publication coverNOAA on Maine's Coast: Sea Grant is one of several NOAA programs in Maine working on coastal and marine issues, and we frequently partner with each other to leverage impact. A fact sheet describing these partnerships that we developed in February 2010 has been used as a template by other Sea Grant programs.