Hazard Resilience

Hazard Resilience

The State of Maine's Beaches Report

Scientists use Volunteer Data to Track Trends in Sand Movement at Maine Beaches

Tour Our Resilient Coast

Southern Maine coastal property owners, local officials, and community members are invited on a tour of coastal properties in Saco, Wells, and Ogunquit where action has been or could be taken to make them more resilient to flooding, erosion, and extreme storm events.

Beach Profile Data Viewing Instructions and Fine Print

Instructions for Viewing Beach Profile Data

Using a simple feature, you can make a graph of beach profile data you select. But before graphing your data, here's an overview of how to read and understand the graph. This is an example of what a graph looks like:

Beach Profiling Data Uses

Beach Profile Data Informs Beach Management

Beach profiling data is used to inform beach management decisions and to monitor the success of management programs. Here are some examples of how beach profile data has been used: